Whelp, the Nash has a new home. The new owner is an experienced metal worker that has restored vehicles in the past, including a previous Nash Statesman! I believe this car is in good hands.

Nash Statesman

Good bye, Nash! You were a fun car to learn new skills on!

So, in terms of vehicle projects that leaves me with the Kawasaki 750Z. I have decided not to make it an electric conversion. The more I worked on tearing it down and the more I read about this model, the more I wanted to keep the engine in it. It helps that it is all complete, so all that really needs to be done is clean up and repainting. Some things are in rough shape, such as the throttle controls and seat, and will need to be replaced, but overall, in terms of money, it will be much cheaper to restore it than convert it.

Not sure how much of that will get done this winter. I’m still lacking a heated garage. Which means, of course, that I need a winter project! Next month is National Novel Writing Month, and I’ll likely give that a shot. I’ve got a few ideas that may be fun to get on paper. We’ll see how that goes.