With the Nash now safely in the hands of someone capable of taking care of it, I can turn my project focus back to the Kawasaki. When last we left it, the plan was to convert it to an electric bike. That has changed.

The Kawasaki KZ750 LTD came with a nifty inline 4-cylinder engine. It puts out quite a bit of power. As much as it might ding my green-cred, I want to rebuild this bike, internal combustion engine intact. One of these days, I’ll pursue an electric bike. Maybe I’ll just start with a frame, though, so I don’t get entangled in a rebuild vs. convert inner argument.

That said, there will be some stuff I need to fix. The handle bars and controls are in rough shape. The frame still needs to be blasted and repainted. And there are some dents to work out of the gas tank and fenders. But other than that, everything seems to be in fine shape. The engine is in pieces and will need to be put back together. And if I remember correctly, the previous owner had mentioned that a couple of the valve stems were slightly bent. I can check on these things as I work through the project.

This summer I spent some time tearing down the rest of the bike. Right now, it’s basically a rolling frame. Below are a few pictures to give an idea of where I’m at. Not much will happen this winter, except maybe the ordering of a few parts and cleaning engine bits.

Kawasaki KZ750 teardown

Kawasaki KZ750 Rolling Frame

Kawasaki KZ750 with pretty much everything removed.

Honda Element with motorcycle bits.

The back of the Honda Element does double duty as a garage.