In the two and half years since I last posted here, I’ve moved twice, sold a dead motorcycle, picked up a number of new hobbies, adopted a dog, oh, and gotten married. So yeah, like a lot has happened.

Aside from the faceting, which showed up in my last post, I’ve recently started to learn to make jewelry to go along with the stones. My first, rather ugly, attempt with PMC Fine Silver can be seen below.

CZ pendant

PMC Fine Silver metal clay pendent with cubic zirconia.

Not pretty, but it was a first attempt. The clay is composed of silver powder and an organic binder. You can fire it in a kiln, or, as I did here, use a butane torch. The binder burns off and the silver particles sinter together to form a solid piece. Because it’s a clay, you can make all sorts of shapes.

My wife, Sarah, is into papermaking, which is fun to watch and makes use of recycled materials. I recently finished shredding about 10 years worth of old bills and other personal files. It is nice to know that they won’t be finding their way to a landfill.

She has also taken an interest in recycling plastics. We have been watching a ton of videos on YouTube on household recycling of plastics, and there are ton of interesting things you can do, such as making filament for 3D printers, or making injection molds. I’ll keep this blog posted on what we find to do.

Finally, I’ve decided to take my photography a bit more seriously. I’m setting up an office in our new place, and will be working on improvements to the Urban Raven photo website, as well as brainstorming new ideas.

Anyway, hopefully this all results in actual posts on this almost dead blog! Yay!