C'est moi!Welcome to Typing With Bricks. Basically, this is a general blog. No set theme, really, other than the bits and pieces I throw this way. Primarily, I suppose, this is a site where I’ll keep my various projects updated. I have a political blog, I Love Cynics, that was getting a bit haphazard in what it contained. It started as my rather snarky take on politics, but eventually came to contain game reviews, project updates, book reviews, photography, and whatever else came to mind.

So, here, I’ll delve into the abstract or absurd, the projects and the photos. There, I will stick with politics. Hopefully, this will work out as a better arrangement.

I can’t say I’m the best blogger out there. Honestly, months can go by without an update. I’ll be trying to improve that. I have a number of projects in the works, including improving my web design skills. This blog will be a sounding board for those projects and a place to post general comments.